No Place To Go

An Artist Made Haunted House

In October in 2020- just before the presidential election and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US- No Place To Go debuted. Co-directed by Kate Speer, Serena Chopra and Frankie Toan, NP2G featured 9 installations based on fear and desire. With an amazing roster of visual and performance artists, this COVID-safe haunted art experience was truly amazing. Please visit for more information, and to buy tickets to our virtual experience.

Artists (and teams) include: Moe Gram, Steven Frost, Nicole Banowetz, Chrissy Espinoza & Grace Cooper, BBS (Thomas Scharfenburg, Koko Bayer and Chris Bagley), Hayley Krichels, Renee Marino & Hayley Dixon, Nolan Tredway, and Michaela Mujica-Steiner & Emily Marie Passos Duffy. All photos by Brien Hallowell.