Trans Magic

Personal Work, 2023

The first piece in this section, Transmagic was made in 2016 for the RedLine resident artist show "Monumental"

Thinking about the visual and social implications of the hypodermic needle, I have made a shot altar using the medical supplies that I have collected for my own personal use, and from other trans* friends (needles, syringes, vials, etc.). I want to re-imagine doing a shot as a ritual of queer becoming, and the re-stage the hypodermic needle as an object of transformation. I aim to transmogrify these materials beyond the sterile or the dangerous, becoming objects of personal agency in a space of rogue, ungoverned identity creation. My desire is to visually adorn and exalt these objects in such a way that they become fetishized, prioritizing the spiritual/ritual elements, and the queer potential of these tools.  My goal is to bring the needle into a new realm—beyond the highly monitored medical realm—into a one of personal agency, beauty, magic, power, and a sort of queer spirituality.

Next is a piece called Shot Station, a playful installation that gives the viewer step-by-step instructions on how to do an intramuscular injection, similar to the ways hormones can be injected.  The installation is an attempt to tackle the anxiety I have developed around doing my own shots over the years.  The intent of the Shot Station is to take these tools and knowledge out of the medical realm, and offer them as tools of personal agency and queer transformation.